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Administrative Building-BHU
Administrative Building-BHU

The B.H.U. South Campus, popularly known as Rajiv Gandhi South Campus was acquired by Banaras Hindu University on lease in perpetuity from Bharat Mandal Trust in April ,1979. With an area of 2700 acres it is situated 8kms south west of Mirzapur town on Robertsganj highway.
Earlier, Professor K.L. Shrimali,the then vice- chancellor of B.H.U.,who in his address assured the people of Mirzapur to develop this as a centre for transfer of knowledge and technology. Later, Vice-chancellor Professor Y.C. Shimhadri took the challenge to develop the farms of Barkachha in the year 1999.A task force was formulated and an ambitious draft plan was prepared for Rs 365 Crores and it was subsequently approved by the Executive Council of B.H.U on 27th June 1999 for starting education and training programmes under BHU Act 15(1)for the benefit of the people of the region. Later,Professor Panjab Singh,Vice -Chancellor of B.H.U. ,immediately after joining the University, took a serious note of the issues and the past efforts and within a fortnight called first meeting on 20th May 2005 and constituted a core committee to analyse and identify priority areas for this farm.He took the Barkachha issue as a “Centennial Challenge 2005-15” and proposed a vision document, taking the earlier document details as reference, for the development of the the new South Campus to serve as a torch bearer and meet the long cherished desire of Pt. Madan Mohan Malviya ji.

The campus is now residing over 1500 students being admitted in 27 courses. The administrative building and the lecture theatre complex are also well developed and furnished providing an ideal learning environment.Besides this,the campus also provides hostel to students,a park,a sports complex,all-in-one-purpose shops, stationery shops, laundry services, printing and surfing shops, library, cafeteria and fruit vendors to cater to the diverse needs of all the students.In addition,generators have also been installed to ensure 24×7 electrified campus.Most of the hostels are also equipped with Wi-Fi and solar panels to provide easy communication and clean energy for all.
The campus if full of greenery with various kinds of Flora and fauna. The campus is situated in the lap of Vindhya range which gives a heart warming feel of sunrise and sunset.The campus is also surrounded by famous waterfalls such as Windom Fall, Tanda Fall, Sirsi Fall, Khadanja Fall, Lower and upper khajuri fall and many more which gives the students a chance to enjoy and explore during spare times.Being located a little far away from the city,the campus has two buses running to Varanasi on daily basis :one in morning (7:00 a.m) and the another one in afternoon (1:00 p.m).For visiting nearby markets auto-rickshaws and buses are easily available.

In a nutshell,we can say that B.H.U south campus is a real asset both in terms of physical and human resources supported by peaceful and serene environment. Located far away from the noise, pollution and distractions of the city it gives a real opportunity to the students to grow and give a right direction to their life. Not overlooking the fact that most of the area is still in developing phase and will be completed very soon which wi add strength and power to this institution and will also give it a boost towards fulfilling the dream which was once saw by Pt.Madan Mohan Malviya ji.
Everyone remarks,”A peacock dancing in the jungle could not catch anyone’s attention.”Gone are such days,RGSC~a peacock won’t be ignored for long and it’s worth will be acknowledged in a short period of time.Proper marketing and channelizing of energy are the keys to good days of RGSC.

  • By- Priyotosh Ganguly


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