Administrative Building of RGSC-BHU
Administrative Building-BHU

Administrative Building of RGSC-BHU

The South Campus of Banaras Hindu University was procured from Bharat Mandal Trust in April 1979. After several procedure the plan was approved by the Executive Council of B.H.U (ECR No74) on 27.6.1999 for starting education and training programs under BHU Act 15(1)a. Currently Professor Rakesh Bhatnagar is the Vice Chancellor and Professor Ramadevi Nimmanapalli is the Professor In-charge of the south campus. Their office is featured within the administrative building, which lies right in the heart of the campus. It is the integral part of the university. This building is the architectural emblem of the pre-eminent Banaras Hindu University which portrays its rich traditions. It is located amidst the lush green vicinity.
The building features the administrative office, faculty and staff offices and classrooms. The administrative office controls the administration of the university. The Administration is concerned with the management of the university, that resembles the organisation and use of nonacademic persons of the university for the achievement of its basic objectives. Vice chancellor, Professor In-Charge, Director, Course Coordinator, Registrar, Librarian, and other members look after the administration of the university.

Admin Building of RGSC-BHU

There are various responsibilities which is associated with the examination, accounting, academics, and other purposes. With proper management it is easier to serve the students with all facilities. The administrative staff of our campus is full of dedication and leaves no stone unturned to accomplish any task.

The duties performed by them include:
•Admission process
•Different student services
•Develop academic programs and activities for students
•To respond and resolve student academic issues, programs, and concerns.

Apart from these there are various other functions carried out by different departments. To give an example, In the area of examination there are number of activities such as arranging time table for the examination, setting and printing the question papers, issuing admit cards, appointing teachers for supervision etc. The other departments play their respective role like financial department prepares a budget for the university, academic department works for syllabus betterment, course curriculum changes and more. All these functions are regulated within the administrative building. Overall the admin building is the soul of the campus contributing its share in shaping the scholars future.

  • By- Aadrika Keshari, B.Sc (Ag.)

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