Aravali Hostel of RGSC BHU

Aravali Hostel
Aravali Hostel

Aravali Hostel, one of the largest as well as currently the best hostel within RGSC BHU; having accommodation facilities of 211 rooms. It’s foundation stone was laid on Aug. 06, 2012 by Dr. Lal ji Singh; then vice chancellor of BHU, and was inaugurated on Aug. 23, 2013. Present day, 383 students are residing in Aravali hostel in academic year 2019-20 from various courses, such as :
• BSc. Agriculture
• BVSc. & A.H.
• B.Pharma (Ayurveda)
• MSc. Tech.
• MSc. PBT
• MSc. SWC
• MSc. AGF
• Masters in mass media and communication
• PG diploma in psychology

Focusing on the infrastructure of the hostel, it consists of ground and three floors above, built in a rectangular layout and sky-open in the centre. Washrooms are situated at every corner of each floor, taking the total to 16 washrooms in the hostel; students are allowed to use any of the washroom, two on each floor having geyser facility. Every room is equal in size, consists of a fan, a window, and couple of bed, table, chair, tube lights, and charging sockets as well. The hostel fee charged by the University is very minimal per annum which includes your electricity bill and all of the maintenance charges. Also to overcome problems regarding power cut, a generator is installed for the hostel use, having capacity to supply power for about 4 hours to the whole hostel. Recently, solar panels are invested all over the terrace of the hostel building but currently not in use due to some technical issues. If you counter any problem with respect to accommodation services, you have right to write a formal letter in the name of admin warden of the hostel and it would be resolved soon.
Keeping the huge framework of ARAVALI in mind, a specific sweeper is assigned to each floor, making it easier for maintaining cleanliness of each floor, the sweepers are also held responsible for sweeping the rooms daily, additionally if you detect your floor or washroom dirty, you can call them to clean up.
In the start of academic session, after completing all the necessary processes, to get into the hostel, you have to fill three copies of dossier form and submit them to administrative assistant along with your documents, another one to the hostel attendant.
Currently there in ARAVALI, 3 mess are being run, one on the first floor and remaining on the ground floor itself. Students can join any of them. They provide variety of meal and charges lie between ₹2700 to ₹3000 depending upon the mess you select. Mess provides three meal a day, morning breakfast between 8.00 am to 10.00 am, lunch from 12.00 pm to 2.00 pm and dinner between 08.00 pm and 10.00 pm. Moreover, facility of water purifier is available on each floor except the top floor. Coming to the recreational facilities, ARAVALI has 3 badminton courts, two
within the hostel building and one just outside the building, a volleyball court and carrom chess board, table tennis, football, cricket, etc. Equipments are provided to students against collection of their passbooks. Also, there is a common hall, where T.T. table is installed also T.V. is available, we have not seen it working since 6 months but sources say that it is used during I.P.L. matches.

Some festivals are celebrated in the hostel, such as Janmashtami, Hostel Night and Saraswati Puja. mainly organised by BSc. Ag. Students but the whole hostel is invited for celebration. Hostel is decorated with ribbons and lighting and seems very adorable. The hostel premises also comprises of scenic beauty including lawn, rose beds, marigold beds and various plants. They are regularly maintained by the hostel attendants. Hostel attendants are available 24×7 during academic session.
Hostel entry is permitted from 6 am to 10 pm, whereas you are allowed to enter hostel in emergency and exceptional situations. A security guard is assigned from rhe university security services, present at the entrance gate of the hostel compound, that too for 24×7, irrespective of any weather conditions.


  • Penned by : Shriram Kumawat, B.Sc(Ag.) 1st Year


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