Block Chain Seminar
RGSC-BHU Seminar

Block Chain Seminar

We the students of organised a guest lecture on 17th November on the topic of Blockchain technology.This guest lecture was addressed by Mr.Pankaj Verma (CEO,Ednerds) and Mr. Apoorv Bansal (CTO,Ednerds) .It was a very brainstorming session as both Pankaj Sir and Apoorv Sir addressed us on the topic of Blockchain,Smart Contracts,Use of Blockchain in recent time. Blockchain is basically a technology of recent time which can bring transparency as well as introduce a safe and secured medium for making transactions and maintaining ledger.The best example of use of BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY is Cryptocurrency e.g.Ripple,Bitcoin e.t.c
and the best part about the BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY is that without having 51% access over the server one cannot do anything with the data. The main motto of the lecture was to make students aware about Blockchain and its uses. The best part about this session was to know that it’s all about perspective &taking risk .The young & dynamic speakers filled us with a new ray of hope & instilled a sense of confidence among us.The event was great success and the speakers were also happy our participation as well as they appreciated our efforts for organising such a great seminar.

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