Girls’ Hostel
Girls' Hostel

Girls’ Hostel


THE SOUTH CAMPUS OF BHU which is situated in Mirzapur (Barkaccha) popularly known as
Rajiv Gandhi South Campus. In this three girls hostels are there in the campus premises in which all
the girls are accomodated. Girls hostels are named as Nilgiri, Himadri and Vindhyavasini. In
Nilgiri, all the fresher students are accomodated whether UG or PG. In Himadri, 2nd and 3rd year are
accomodated but 1st year veterinary students are accomodated in Himadri girls hostel only. In
Vindhyavasini, 2nd and 3rd year and PG students are accomodated. Now we will talk about rules and


The students should remember that the hostel is the home of the students in the campus and they
should behave themselves on the campus as well as outside in such manner so that dignity of the
institution is maintained.

• Residents are expected to display acceptable forms of behaviour anywhere within the hostel
compound and the institute premises.
• Noise level, volume of music system etc. Must be kept low all the times. These rules are
intented for the residents to follow so as to achieve a conducive living environment for all
the students.
• Pranks, ragging and rowdy games in any form are strictly prohibited.
• Strict disciplinary action will be initiated if resident/s is/are caught committing a crime or
theft of any kind and the case may be referred to the city police for necessary action under
IPC and resident/s may be evicted. Prior to eviction, resident/s will have to settle all
outstanding charges where deemed applicable including forfeiture of unutilized period of the
rent paid.
• Vandalism is a very serious offense. Residents found guilty of committing such an offense
may be evicted from the hostel.
• Residents shall dress in appropriate attire at all times within the hostel vicinity especially in
dining area.
• Residents are not allowed to keep weapons and threatening items in their possesion in the
hostel and institute premises.
• Possesion and consumption of intoxicants and any kind of substance abuse is strictly
prohibited in the hostel and institute premises or on outside official visits such as
training/tour/camp/field work etc. Any infringement of this order or visiting any place
declared out of bounds to students will result in disciplinary action against the students
• Residents are solely responsible for their activities outside the institute premises and should
follow the acceptable norms of the socio-legal behaviour.
• All the residents will remain present at the time of roll call.


• Residents are responsible for the upkeeping ,cleanliness and tidiness of their rooms at all the
times including the common areas in the hostel such as the lounge area, dining rooms and
bathrooms for the convinience of the next users.
• A resident should check the fitting and fixtures of the room at the time of occupation. If
there is any deficiency or inadequacy, it shoukd be brought to the notice of the hostel staff.
The residents shall be responsible for the fitting and fixtures of her room and shall see to it
that they are in order at the time of handing over of the room when she leaves the hostel.
• Use of electrical appliances like heaters, hotplates etc. In the hostel rooms is strictly
• All the fans, lights and electrical appliances must be switched off when not in use.
• Placing of bags/baggages or unwanted item outside the room or anywhere in the hostel
except the alloted rooms is not allowed to avoid obstruction to other residents.
• Common hostel furniture must not be moved from it’s existing position/place without the
consent of the hostel authority.
• Alteration of furniture, fixtures etc. Provided by hostel authorities is stirictly prohibited.
• Residents sharing common facilities within a room of the hostel shall be liable for a joint
payment towards the cost of repair or loss of the facilities within the room in event of loss/
damage of the facility. In no case such damage or loss is attributable to a single resident.
• The hostel management reserves the right to enter, inspect or spot checks the rooms in the
interest of proper conduct of the residents or the orderly and efficient administration and
proper use of the rooms, or to maintain or repair the premises but only in presence of the


• All visitors must register at the security counter of the girls hostel and provide all detail and
documents for verification as requested by lady security guard.
• No visitor shall be allowed o loiter around the hostel vicinity except the visiting room.
• Visitors are not allowed to use the hostel facilities.
• Visitors are not permitted to stay overnight in the hostel without the prior consent of the
warden/ hostel management.
• Residents are not permitted to allow visitors ( including residents) of the opposite gender
into their rooms at any time. The hostel section reserves the rights to evict any resident who
do not comply.
• Residents must return to the hostel by 6:00 pm daily applicable upto september month, from
october, the return time is 5:30 pm daily for their own safety.
• The residents who needs to stay out after the stipulated time must take prior permission from
the warden in the prescribed form available with the warden office and sign a declaration their
purpose in writing well in advance (1 day prior). It is necessary to furnish the details like their
contact numbers, expected return time and their whereabouts during the allowed time.
• Residents are not allowed to stay outside the hostel overnight for their own safety.
• Residents who need to stay outside the hostel can be permitted only if their parents or local
guardian are with them. For this, parents or local guardian must make a declaration of their
purpose; furnish their contact details and expected returns date and time. This permission is to
be obtained from the warden, in writing 1 day prior.


• Residents are responsible for their personal belongings and valuable items like call/mobile
phone, laptop and money etc.and should ensure that the doors and windows of their rooms
are properly secured at all times. The institute is not responsible for any loss of personal
• Employment of a private servant is not allowed in the hostel.

• In case of emergency outside office hours, please contact the warden or matron or any other
hostel authorities available at the point of time.

• 24*7 ambulance service is available for the students.
• Any case of illness is reported to the medical officer/ hostel authorities immediately.
• If necessary,the resident will be shifted to the hospital at the discretion of the medical

• It is advisable for the students to use mosquito nets, goodnight etc. Since malaria and
dengue is endemic here.
• Cleanliness of the room is to be maintained by the student herself.
• Badminton court is there. Residents are required to draw the rackets etc. From the lady
guard and return it intact after their use. Shop and parlour facilities are also provided.
• Be considerate and cooperative to keep the place clean and tidy at all times for the next
fellow resident.
• All the 3 girls hostels are faciliated with the mess system separately. They provide quality
food with reasonable charges.

• Any new updates and announcements will be posted on the Notice Board only.
• Resident is advised not to paste any poster/announcement on the wall.
• Disciplinary action shall be initiated or hostel facility shall be withdrawn at any point of
time without giving any notice, if the resident is misusing the facility or not following the
rules and regulations of the hostel or found involved in any illegal activity anywhere inside/
outside the hostel.
• Director / Dean / Chief warden / Warden reserves the right to deny/ withdrawn facility of the
students at any point of time without prior notice.


• The institute reserves the rights to revise the rules and regulations, terms and conditions
from time to time and will keep the residents informed of any changes in the form the
memoranda and/or notices on the Notice Boards.
• The resident residing at any of the hostel under the purview of this institution is governed
by the rules and regulations herein mentioned.
• Resident found breaking any rules and regulations, terms and conditions at any hostel(s)
under the purview of this institute are liable for expulsion from the hostel/ disciplinary

“A safety and pleasant stay in hostel depends on all cooperation and
consideration of each and every resident of the hostel.”

Hope you find this useful !!

  • By- Shivani Singh, B.Voc FPM

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