Himadri Hostel of RGSC-BHU
Himadri Hostel

Himadri Hostel of RGSC-BHU

Himadri is one of the three girls\’ hostel available in the campus of RGSC BHU. Located inside the Girl\’s hostel premises , it is situated on the right when you enter the gate.
Himadri is a single storey building with total of 54 rooms . Currently the facility of triple seated rooms is available. The shape of the hostel is square with rooms on the three sides and mess and seminar hall on the fourth side . Common washroom facility is given. Cleanliness is well maintained in the hostel building and staff s take care of the cleaning duties. Presently, Himadri accommodates students from three different courses, which includes Bachelor\’s of Veterinary sciences, Bachelor\’s of pharmacy , and 4 courses of bachelor\’s of vocation (FPM, RLM, HTM, MLT) .
The hostel is looked after by one admin warden , one warden and two attendants. The hostel has a notice board in the centre which displays notices and information regarding hostel and mess rules, information regarding any events and other important circulars.
The mess runs everyday and provides 4 meals per day . The food is hygienic and tasty and the menu is well suited f or everyone. The mess charges ₹2650 f or 30 days. The same menu is followed in all the three girls hostel and provides variety of food.
Other facilities in Himadri includes sports and games available in the hostel . Badminton , volleyball, carrom ,ludo etc are available . WiFi and TV are not provided. A seminar hall is built inside which acts as a place to organise functions and get togethers.
Himadri has a green and serene surrounding and is overall a good place for the students to reside in the campus.

  • By- Siddhartika, B.Sc (Ag) 1st Year

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