Nilgiri Girls’ Hostel
Nilgiri Hostel

Nilgiri Girls’ Hostel


Nilgiri girls hostel is well designed with two wings, one side is for UG students and the other side is for PG students. Hostel is looked after by three wardens [one is admin warden, and two wardens] and two matrons/care taker. Nilgiri is a triple storey building with total of 120 rooms[on each floor 20 rooms are there, in UG wing as well as in PG wing.]. Hostel is designed as ground floor, first floor, and second floor, and on each floor water cooler is provided for drinking water. And on each floor common washrooms are there, 24*7 water supply is there [geyser facility is
provided]. Currently in UG wing 3 students are accommodated in one room and in PG wing only 2 students are accommodated in one room. All the new students of any course except veterinary course are accommodated in Nilgiri hostel [whether UG or PG students]. Veterinary course students are accommodated in Himadri girls
hostel only. On ground floor of Nilgiri hostel mess facility is provided and in this 4 times a day meal is provided to students and on each day, different food is given and same menu is followed in next week and so on. The hostel has a common hall, here all the students assemble together to watch television. They also discuss about the daily events, politics, current issues etc. Enticing garden is also there inside the hostel itself, which provide pleasant look to the hostel. On first floor seminar hall is there for get together and all the functions of Nilgiri hostel are conducted here. The hostel has notice board facility which displays information regarding rules and regulation of mess and hostel, events and any other important notice. Hostel has facilities for indoor games like chess, carom etc. as well as for outdoor games like Badminton, Volleyball, basketball etc.

  • By- Shivani Singh, B.Voc FPM

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